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Report shows Nixa daycare worker mistreated several toddlers

28 min 2 sec ago

There's new evidence that the investigation of a Nixa daycare worker goes far beyond how she treated and disciplined one child in her care.  We showed you the treatment of the first little boy a few weeks ago.  But now a state report shows mistreatment of several other toddlers.

Megan Harris was already devastated to see the way the daycare teacher treated her son, Caleb.  But as she feared, he was not alone.  The video shows Caleb being dragged across the room and slammed into a chair, bumping his head on the wall.  The daycare worker put the two year old in time out for a solid hour.  Video the same afternoon also shows her kick Caleb's legs, causing him to fall to the floor, and he's not the only one treated roughly. The woman hits a little girl on the head and in the face with a diaper.  Another little girl is grabbed and forcefully taken to time out, and multiple toddlers are left in time out for more than 20 minutes.  Another little boy appears to bump his head on the sink as the daycare worker slings him into a chair.  All of these incidents are shows on video during one afternoon.

Megan Harris says, "To know he wasn't the only one, you know, I just don't understand how you can think that that kind of behavior toward someone that's so little is ok.  And to try and justify it by saying that they bully you!" The woman told child care investigators "the forcefulness lets them know I am in control" and "the children abuse me.  I have been slapped, spit on, kicked. There is only so much a person can take." 

For Harris, her words speak clearly.  "That she sees no fault in what she did, that she thinks it's ok, and it's not," Harris says. Other employees told investigators they regret not hot-lining other incidents in the past. 

Harris believes the daycare's management is not looking out for the safety of the kids in their care.  "If something else were to happen in that daycare, how can you have the reassurance and the trust in the people that ultimately run that place, that they're going to do what's right?  Because they have shown through this that they will not." The incidents seen in the video happened on January 8th, and the employee was arrested by Nixa Police and forced to quit the following day after a co-worker reported what she saw.  We're not reporting the accused worker's name, because the Christian County prosecutor has not filed any criminal charges.

Animated "Star Wars" tribute film taking internet by storm

28 min 33 sec ago

It's not unusual for people who love certain movies - "Star Wars," for example - to make their own fan films.  But one guy took his love of the epic franchise to new levels.

Paul Michael Johnson spent the past four years hand-drawing and animating "TIE Fighter," a seven-and-a-half galactic dogfight between Empire and Rebel spacecraft.  It's animated to look like a 1980's-era Japanese cartoon, including a hair metal soundtrack loaded with electric guitars and synthesizers.

"TIE Fighter" was uploaded to YouTube on March 24, and has since racked up more than two million views.

tie firghter film

Searchers find SUV in swollen creek, but no body

1 hour 5 min ago

Holiday Island firefighters found a white Ford Explorer that was washed off a highway by swollen Leatherwood Creek on Wednesday night.  The swift current and muddy waters made it impossible to figure out if a body was inside, so recovery crews used a winch and a rope pulley to roll over the SUV.  No body was inside.

Earlier, crews tried to use an underwater camera to see if a body was in the SUV, but the muddy water prevented that.  Holiday Island Fire Chief Jack Deaton said the way the SUV was situated in the strong current and three feet of water prevented divers from looking in the front of the vehicle.

The search started late Wednesday night after someone reported seeing a vehicle washed off Arkansas 187 near Carroll County Road 254, just south of Beaver and Holiday Island, and north of Eureka Springs.   The search was suspended for a couple of hours about 2 a.m. because of rain and lightning, and because crews needed to rest.

The SUV was spotted about 9 a.m. Thursday but recovery crews couldn't reach it for several hours.  Deaton said the recovery was extremely taxing for crews in boats and in the water, and they needed frequent rest, so crews were being rotated.

Searchers say the SUV belongs to a man who lives nearby.  Deaton said the man left his house during the storm on Wednesday night to buy cigarettes and got washed off the road about 7:30. 

Deaton said searchers would search both sides of Leatherwood Creek to try to find the man's body after it was not inside his SUV.


At first, some people thought the washed-off vehicle might have been driven by a missing woman from Branson who was driving home from Berryville, Ark., during the storm on Wednesday night.  The woman’s husband asked on Facebook for help finding her.  She was driving a white Dodge van, according to the Facebook post.   The Facebook site said Thursday that she was found safe.

Obama praises federal payday lender rules, says he'll veto limitations

1 hour 51 min ago

President Barack Obama says proposed new federal rules would protect consumers from being stuck in a cycle of debt. He also warns Republicans that he will veto attempts to unravel regulations that govern the financial industry.

Obama says the Republican budget would make it harder for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to do its job. The White House released excerpts of remarks Obama planned to deliver later Thursday in Alabama.

Obama's remarks come on the same day the consumer agency is announcing its proposal to set standards on payday lenders, a multibillion-dollar industry that has historically been regulated only at the state level.

Obama says the idea behind the proposal is simply that a lender should first make sure that a borrower can afford to pay the money back.

Pictures: Searchers find SUV washed into swollen creek in northwest Arkansas

2 hours 29 min ago

Holiday Island firefighters found a white Ford Explorer that was washed off a highway by swollen Leatherwood Creek on Wednesday night.   Early Thursday afternoon, they were trying to fight the swift current and use an underwater camera to see if a body was in the SUV.

Spicy sweet sriracha shrimp tacos

2 hours 30 min ago

12 soft flour or corn tortillas 36 large appealed and de-veined shrimp 1/2 cup of crumbled cheese 12 slices of fresh avocado 8 ounces of finely sliced and peeled Jicama 3 tablespoons of honey 3 tablespoons of sriracha sauce 1 tablespoon of olive oilCombine the honey and sriracha Toss the shrimp in the sauce mixture Heat a skillet to medium high heat and add olive oil Cook the shrimp in the hot skillet, stirring rapidly to prevent burning or sticking to the pan Put three pieces of shrimp on each tortilla Top with cheese, avocado, jicama and fresh cilantro Recipe serves six.

Photos: Rains swell Finley River, speed up current

3 hours 29 min ago

KY3's Ethan Forhetz shot these images in Ozark on Thursday morning. 

Sunshine before snow showers

4 hours 31 min ago

Light rain/snow mix in the forecast

Blunt proposes eliminating the death tax

4 hours 46 min ago

There’s an old saying that links death and taxes. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt wants to remove one of those from the equation.

Blunt co-sponsored the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2015 this week to permanently eliminate the federal estate tax. Blunt argues that it which hurts Missouri’s family farmers, ranchers, and small business owners. Blunt also co-sponsored a FY2016 budget amendment that Sen. John Thune, (R) South Dakota, introduced to create a deficit neutral reserve fund to eliminate the death tax.

“The death tax disproportionately hurts states like Missouri, which relies heavily on agriculture revenue,” said Blunt. “This tax is often a crushing blow to family business owners and farmers who are trying to plan for the future, which is why I support permanently eliminating it altogether.”

Missouri has more than 100,000 individual farms – the second highest number of farms of any state in the nation. Blunt previously co-sponsored legislation to repeal the death tax, including in June 2013 and March 2013. 

Arkansas House panel OKs drug testing for benefits bill

5 hours 17 min ago

Arkansans who apply for certain job-training benefits and other family aid could be required to take a drug test under a bill endorsed by a House committee. The House Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor sent the bill to the full House in a voice vote Thursday. It would create a two-year pilot program in which the Department of Workforce Services would be required to question applicants and to refer people deemed as suspicious for drug testing. The change would apply to about 12,000 people in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. All recipients in counties bordering Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee would be screened because those states have similar laws. Opponents questioned whether the $2 million-plus cost of the program is a good use of taxpayer funds.


Legends of Golf: New greats hit the green at Top of the Rock in April

5 hours 19 min ago

Tournament Director Kirk Elmquist talks about the upgrades for the tour this year, including a new mobile app and the new legends making an appearance.  For more on the tournament, log onto

Man kidnaps, rapes store clerk

5 hours 27 min ago

Lebanon Police have a suspect in custody after a convenience store clerk was taken at knifepoint.

Police responded to the Kum & Go store on North Jefferson just before 10 p.m. Wednesday.  A customer alerted police after waiting several minutes without finding a clerk on duty.

Just after 10 p.m., the clerk called the Laclede County Sheriff’s Department to report she had been abducted from the store at knife point.  A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper found her at a home on Highway AA and took her to the Lebanon Police Department.

The victim told police that a man sexually assaulted her at a home near where she was found.  She gave police a description of her attacker, his car and its license plate number.  She told police she was able to escape and ran to the home where she was found and called the sheriff’s office.

Police checked security camera images, and used them to identify and arrest a suspect.

RAW VIDEO: Cowkskin Creek spills out of its banks in Douglas County

6 hours 29 min ago

Viewer Debbie Wray captured this video of Cowskin Creek spilling out of its banks in Douglas County.

Springfield Police search for thieves who broke into car wash offices

6 hours 55 min ago

Area business owners were met with quite a surprise when coming into work this week.

"There's been a few different break-ins. People came and tore up two coin machines. They really tore them up bad," said Mike Schriver, car wash attendant at the Ye Old Buggy Bath on Ingram Mill Road.

The thieves also broke into the business' office.  The front entry is secure so they broke in through the roof, which set off the business' security alarm.

That wasn't the only car wash that was hit by burglars recently.

"We got a call that a commercial alarm had gone off at a car wash on South Kansas Expressway and our officers were dispatched and found some of the cash and change collectors damaged and stolen from," said Lisa Cox, public information officer for the Springfield Police Department.

The thieves left behind several damaged machines at the car wash on Ingram Mill.  The metal is badly bent, inside parts are gone or destroyed and the damage can't be repaired.  The machines have to be replaced, and new ones aren't cheap.

"There's probably like $10 left in there overnight and the machines cost, like, $16,000, so it's kind of hard to swallow that loss," Schriver said.

Business owners are working on making various security upgrades to discourage future theft.

"The owner is trying to switch these over to no cash so you either have to have a debit card or a code from the gas station next door in order to use the automatic washes," said Schriver .

Police say these thefts come on the heels of several other similar crimes, all committed in the past few weeks.

"There have been a few of these car wash burglaries already in March.  We are seeing it happen primarily in the early morning hours," said Cox.  "We would recommend business owners have good camera systems systems set up, have really good lighting around where the change systems are up, and have a good security system."

Springfield Police are still looking for the the car wash burglars.  Anyone with information can call police at (417) 864-1810.

Storm chaser video: Tornado in Sand Springs, Okla.

7 hours 5 min ago

One person died when a tornado ripped through the Tulsa suburb.  Storm chasers had to take shelter under a bridge as the storm passed.  The storm damaged homes and trees in the community.


Lightning likely caused house fire in southern Stone County

7 hours 7 min ago

Lightning from Wednesday night's round of severe weather is most likely to blame for a house fire at a popular Branson-area golf resort between Branson and Branson West.

Crews were dispatched to the home on Stoney Creek Lane in the StoneBridge Resort about 8:30 p.m.  Firefighters found flames were shooting through the roof and said two vehicles parked at the home were in flames.

Southern Stone County Fire Chief David Gyger says crews had to bring in about a dozen tankers to battle the fire, because some of the hydrants were not working when they arrived. 

Firefighters from Southern Stone County, Western Taney County, and Branson battled the blaze for about three hours.

PHOTOS: After storm, rain leaves flooding in Eureka Springs, Berryville

7 hours 12 min ago

Eric Chapman took these pictures after the storm rolled through Eureka Springs and Berryville Wednesday night. 

Video: Tornado damages community in Madison County, Ark.

7 hours 13 min ago

A tornado ripped through Clifty in northwest Arkansas on Wednesday night.  The severe weather damaged buildings at a chicken farm.


Aerial video: Widespread damage after tornado strikes Moore, Okla.

7 hours 14 min ago

The Oklahoma City suburb is again assessing the damage of a tornado.  The twister damaged homes and businesses on Wednesday but no one was killed.

Joplin sues former master developer for fraud

8 hours 44 min ago

The city of Joplin is suing its former master developer and two men who ran the Texas-based company. One of the company's former partners, David Wallace, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday in federal court in Houston. The city hired the development partners, of Sugar Land, Texas, in 2012 to lead the Joplin's recovery from the 2011 tornado. The city learned in January that the company had closed and that Wallace and Costa Bajjali had resigned. The Joplin Globe reports that Wallace was unavailable for comment Wednesday. Peter Edwards, attorney for Joplin, says Wallace's bankruptcy filing might not protect him from Joplin's lawsuit.