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Help for Outlook Express | Help for Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Express is an e-mail application included with Internet Explorer 5 and 6. When you installed Internet Explorer 5 or 6, it may have taken your current e-mail settings to be used for Outlook Express. Therefore, Outlook Express may already be configured with your MillerTel e-mail configuration! If it isn't, or if you would like to add an e-mail address to Outlook Express, follow the procedure below. You can configure Outlook Express to check as many e-mail addresses as you like.

1. Start Outlook Express.

2. Choose Accounts from the Tools menu. The Internet Accounts window will open.

3. Click the Mail tab. This will show you any e-mail accounts that are currently set up in Outlook Express.

4. Click the Add button. A menu will pop up: choose Mail.

5. The Internet Connection wizard will appear to guide you through a series of configuration steps for the e-mail address you want to add.

6. The Your Name screen will appear.

7. Enter your name as you want it to appear in e-mails: John Smith. Click Next.

8. The Internet E-mail Address screen will appear.

9. Enter your MillerTel e-mail address, Click Next.

10. The E-Mail Server Names screen will appear.

11. Enter the following information:

My incoming mail server is a POP3
Incoming mail (POP3) server
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

Check the Box   Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication

Click Next. 12. The Internet Mail Logon scren will appear. 13. Click the firstlog on using radio button and enter the following information:

POP account name emailname (your millertel user name)
Password password(your millertel password)

Click Next. 14. The Congratulations window will appear. 15. Click Finish to complete the account setup.