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Help for Outlook Express | Help for Microsoft Outlook

Double-click the Microsoft Outlook icon to run Microsoft Outlook. Click Tools then Services...

A Services window will appear with information services that are setup for your Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook uses Internet Mail or Internet Email for email so look for it under the following information services are set up in this profile.

If you do not have the following service setup click Add... and a list of services will appear with Internet Mail or Internet Email as one of the services.

Click on Internet Mail or Internet Email to highlight it then click OK. You will then return to the Services window and Internet Mail or Internet Email will be installed as a service.

Click on Internet Mail or Internet Email to highlight it then click Properties... to bring up your email configurations.

For Full Name enter your full name as you would like it to appear in the From field of your email messages, for E-mail address enter your MillerTel email address ( , for Internet Mail server enter, for Account name enter your MillerTel emailname, and for Password enter your MillerTel password. Next click the Connection tab.

Connect using the modem should be dotted and MillerTel/My Connection should be chosen under Dial using the following connection.

Click OK for Internet Mail then OK again for Services.... You are now ready to use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive email. To receive email click Tools then Check for New mail.

If you are having problems or have more questions, call 1-888-937-8260 for technical support.